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Get Tax Help

Find out about the campaign to provide low-to-moderate income households with free tax preparation services, and help taxpayers claim State and Federal tax credits.

Ralphs Update

Ralphs announced at our January meeting that renovations would be complete in 16-20 weeks.

Metro Considers 4 Options for Vermont Transit Corridor

Metro is considering four different options for Bus Rapid Transit along 12.4 miles of Vermont from the Sunset / Vermont Red Line station to 120th Street connecting with the Purple, Expo and Green lines. The maximum cost is $332 million.

Empowerment Congress Southwest Launches #WesternRenaissance in 2017

The Council is looking to increase civic engagement in all its endeavors and invites you to join a committee and help shape the community. Come to our next meeting on Monday, January 23, 6pm at the Mark Ridley-Thomas Constituent Service Center.

Empowerment Congress Southwest Deploys Dog Waste Stations at St. Andrew’s Recreation Center

The Empowerment Congress Southwest Area Neighborhood Development Council wants the people to know that the first step towards empowerment is to work with them to make a difference in the community and to prove it they would like to show you the Dog Waste Stations they just had installed at the recreation center.

Representatives Wanted

We have two vacancies on our Board for the Renters & Organizational Representatives. If you qualify, we invite you to complete the ECSWANDC Vacancy Application.