City Audits At Your Fingertips

Check out some of the City of L.A. department audits.  They provide some insight into how departments are being run and tax money is utilized.

View a list of audits.

Ron Galperin, the City Controller, has also put a lot of other spending information online at the recently created ControlPanel LA. ControlPanel LA is the definitive source for machine-readable, interactive data about the finances, payroll, audits, revenues, and financial reports of the City of Los Angeles.

With ControlPanel LA, you have immediate access to the answers to questions like:

– How much does the average LAPD officer make?
– How much money did the City collect from parking tickets in the first six months of 2013?
– How much is the City’s gas bill this year?
– How much property tax did the City receive last year?
– How many street lights does the City maintain?
– Who were the top earners in the City last year?
– Where do City employees live?

Check out ControlPanel LA.