Residential Area 1 Representative

Roderick Sowell Jr.

Roderick Sowell Jr.

I have been a member of the neighborhood since the 2011 and have gained incredible experiences. From those experiences, I developed a desire to make change and take ownership in my neighborhood. With the intention to meet new neighbors, I made it a priority to eliminate trash and bulky items. Ultimately, from my efforts, a sense of safety, security and care developed in the community. My goal is to help and deliver aid to those in need, while creating a peaceful and welcoming neighborhood environment. By creating an atmosphere where kids can feel safe playing outside in the front yard, I will ensure that neighbors meet each other and can call on one another for help instead of feeling alone in the community. I will bridge the gap between the “city” and the neighborhoods, essentially, increasing positive police interactions.

Residential Area 2 Representative

Timothy Henry

Timothy Henry

As Angelenos, we are all tasked with the responsibilities of improving our neighborhoods. Public safety and city services, Traffic and the environmental landscape greatly impact the equity of life. These concerns are addressed when community members are equipped with knowledge and empowered to actively engage with city government. I would be honored to be Resident Representative. I would work to achieve the objectives that best serve the interest of our community, while advocating for any needed services. As a resident of Southwest Los Angeles for over 30 years, I have an extensive history of service that is coupled with active interest in the welfare and safety of my community. I currently serve in various non-profit organizations which assist with food drives, and community clean-ups. I also serve on the PTA membership board for a local school.

Residential Area 3 Representative

Kyle Brown

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I have been serving diligently for the last two years and I would love the opportunity to continue to serve the community as I learn more about what matters most to my neighbors and fellow stakeholders. I want to continue being apart of bringing prosperity to the neighborhood.

Residential Area 4 Representative

Joy Enix

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Serving our community as a ECSWANDC Board Member has been a pleasure even with the challenges COVID-19 presented. With the hope of life returning to some semblance of normalcy, I look forward to the board hosting community clean-ups & events such as Jazz at St. Andrews. There are projects important to the forward progression of our community the current board won’t be able to complete due to the end of their term. Developers have plans to build more residential & commercial projects in our community. My hope is that you will allow my return to help bring the open projects to fruition and continue to work to ensure developers look out for our best interests. Lastly, why should you vote for me? My previous ECSWANDC Board experience brings with it relationships and institutional knowledge on how to navigate the the Neighborhood Council System, City Clerk’s Funding Dept., and the City of Los Angeles bureaucracies that will assist the new board to hit the ground running on day one.

Residential Area 5 Representative

Élice Hennessee

Hello, Neighbors! As a proud member of the community for my entire life, I’ve been honored and privileged to serve on the Southwest Neighborhood Council since April 2020. I immediately dived in, doing all I could to advocate for our community and make progress toward revitalizing our neighborhood so we have access to beautiful spaces and quality resources that are well deserved and long overdue. I’m both a team player, and an ambitious self-starter. The Board is currently working on a community improvement plan that is not yet completed. I’d love the opportunity to continue working on this community improvement initiative. There is a lot of development happening in our neighborhood, and I’m dedicated to advocating for what’s in the best interest of the people and community members, who are my priority and focus. I’m hopeful for the opportunity to continue working with my neighbors to get the Southwest Area closer to the amazing, beautiful, and thriving community I know it can be.

Business Representative

Vanessa Bailey

Hi, I am Vanessa Bailey, passionate advocate for improving the quality of life in our neighborhood. I would like to serve as the Business Representative for our area. I am a graduate of Washington High School, Class of 1966, LAUSD Retired Educator and my business, Vanessa’s Positive Energy, has been serving the community since 2007. My skills include organization and networking for our community. Let’s work together for vibrant, clean and safe streets.

Youth Representative

Jacob Alexander Henry

My name is Jacob Henry. I am running as a Youth Representative for the EC Southwest Neighborhood Council. I am a seventeen year old sophomore in high school with a Gpa of 3.8. I serve on the student council for a program called Upward Bound. I’m also a part of my school’s academic decathlon team where we recently placed 4th place in LAUSD. I play several sports including football, lacrosse and track and field. I also work part time for a tech startup company in downtown Los Angeles. I’m hoping to go to UC Santa Barbara . I love the Ocean.

Social Media Coordinator

Luis Nunez

Hello, My name is Luis Nunez and I’ve been a resident of Los Angeles for 3 years. I moved to LA when I got my first job out of college and I completely fell in love with the city. The diversity and acceptance I felt from the people made it easy to call this city my home. As I spend a lot of time out-and-about walking the neighborhood (usually walking my dog) I’ve noticed there is a lot of potential for our neighborhood to thrive. I work as a social media coordinator, in the corporate world and also have helped in local politics. My goal is to bring the skills and knowledge I’ve learned to help my neighborhood through social media, by bringing awareness to our neighbors through a strong online presence. I truly believe we can have an impactful change to our community.

Shaquinta Prince

My name is Shaquinta Prince and I will help transform the EC Southwest. Growing up in South Central, I have always been appreciative of the richness the diverse ethnicities and thought afforded me. All the while, perplexed at the juxtaposition of the wealth of life and constant disinvestment in our community. The unique conditions created by officials that ran on progress, but then failed to significantly improve the conditions that persist in our neighborhoods, homelessness, lack of access to a variety of fresh and organic foods, pervasive fast-food restaurants, convenience and liquor stores.The residents of this District deserve to have an advocate that has experienced the beauty of the neighborhood, while understanding that mere miles away a different structure exists that places its constituent’s health and safety first. As a millennial, college graduate, I look forward to working with a diverse council to ensure that the cost of living aligns with the investments in our community.

At Large Representative

Rashon Chavis

Hello neighbors! I am Ra’Shon Chavis, your recently appointed At Large Representative on the Southwest Area Neighborhood Council. I am now seeking to become your elected At Large Representative! In the short time that I have been on the board I accepted the task of becoming the liaison for Homelessness concerns in our community. I know that there is much to be done. I am meeting with advocates within the community so that we can address homelessness as it affects both the housed and the unhoused. I am hoping that you give me the opportunity to continue this work and be your voice in our community. I will fight for neighborhood revitalization, adding diverse businesses to our community, and making it a safer place for all who live, work, and visit here. If you share my vision, then I am your candidate!

Nia Mayers Franklin

No statement submitted

Faith Based Representative

Sharon Davis

My name is Sharon Lee Davis. I live, work and worship in the Southwest Neighborhood Council area. I am interested in becoming a member of the ECSWANDC Board. I believe that it is important for residents to work together, to speak up for themselves, and to build up their community so that it mirrors the vision they hold in their minds for their communities. I am willing to donate my time and energy helping build up my community and advocating for equity, security and prosperity. I am volunteering to serve as the faith based representative identifying the many worship centers in my neighborhood and connecting them with the neighborhood council. This will provide an opportunity for the neighborhood council to support the community and its churches.

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