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Congratulations 2016-2018 board

Homeowner Representatives 


Lois J. Nelson

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I will engage the community, keep the community informed about community projects, and ensure that our community’s voice is heard.

Brent D. Page

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Greetings residents of the ECSWNDC! It is with great pleasure to serve you as your Renters Representative during my first term. We had many acheivements throughout my first term. One in particular that was near and dear to me was providing the car lifts for the new Auto Shop at Washington Preparatory High School. Those car lifts were crucial in getting the program up and running and area kids off the streets and learning a trade. I’m now seeking to represent the Homeowners in the area as my family and I decided to purchase a home in the district. There is unfinished business, and I seek to continue being a catalyst for change in the district! Please Vote for Brent D. Page on June 11th 2016 as your new Homeowners Representative! #BPforNC 

Turner Roberts

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I have served my Country. I have served my State. The time has come for me to serve my City. It would be an honor to serve You! Thank you in advance.
Turner Roberts
In Spirit and in truth.


Renter Representatives

Lynette R. Johnson

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Being of service has been a part of my life since birth. With 16 years of experience in the social service/nonprofit sector, I have had the ability to view first hand the issues that the people who reside in our communities face. I’d like to be a change agent. I want to make a difference that will positively affect my neighborhood as well as the larger systemic issues that face communities of color on a daily basis. For me the neighborhood council allows me a chance to have a voice and hopefully it is the voice of the community I will serve.

Business Representatives

Ted Hope


As a business owner I play an important role in improving the quality of life for all in the South West Area Neighborhood. If elected, I will engage and listen to your concerns and represent you before the City. I have over 30 years of experience in the public sector. Vote for me and I will continue the work in progress to improve our community.

Tyron Turner

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Greetings Neighbors! My name is TyRon Turner and I’m a business owner in the Southwest Empowerment Congress, that help developmentally disabled adults in the community. As a business owner and property owner in the area, I’ve noticed how much things are changing in the area in regards to property values, home ownership pride and new business development. I want to make sure that we have a voice and a seat at the table when it comes to business procurement.

In 2012 I was elected as a national delegate for President Barack Obama, and served three times as a state delegate representing the 62nd assembly district. Throughout the years I’ve hosted fundraisers and donated money to numerous elected officials representing our community. I know what it takes to get things done!

In closing, I hope that you give me a chance to represent our community!

TyRon Turner

Organizational Representative

Michael Guynn


My name is Michael A Guynn and I am running for a seat on the ECSWANC as an organization rep. I have completed two previous terms on the Board and have desire to continute to serve. I feel that there is  more work to be done in our NC area and as a collective Board we will be able to achieve the goals we set forth.

 Ashley Ross

‘Empowering the Community’ What is respected and honored is not only what you say but what you do. On behalf of Word Empowerment Ministries we would like the opportunity to assist in building, growing, and empowering  our community, by presenting fresh, effective and innovative ideas to take our community to the next level. We look forward to working alongside Neighborhood Council civically and socially to achieve all goals presented, we maintain optimism in all tasks with great expectation.

At Large Area Representatives

Daniel Stewart

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We live in a society where the norm is accepted, where being the outlier is considered radical and being conservative, living in mediocracy, is considered the best route to take in life. I honestly feel we can do better, we can have a community that blossoms, we can have a community with more people employed, more after school programs, and most importantly a safer neighborhood united like a village. This is very possible, it will take a lot of effort, time, and the participation of everyone, but we can do it together.

Sandra Wilhite


I believe we have a GREAT community and would love to be a part of ensuring we are providing every opportunity available to all residents in our community. When we work together as one we can accomplish anything.  Please vote for me as your At-Large Area Representative and let’s work together to ensure your voices are heard for the changes you would like to see in the community.  Thank You.

Youth Representative

Robert Mallard

Meet the Candidates

My name is Robert Mallard and I am running for the youth representative spot for the Empowerment Congress Southwest area. I have been living in the Southwest area for 16 years and have seen some changes that I feel should be made. I would like your vote for this upcoming election. Thank you very much.

Social Media Coordinator

Danielle Strickland


With more than seven years of Digital Media experience, as Social Media Coordinator I will keep the community informed of Neighborhood Council Meetings, Local Events, Elections, Community News, Workshops and more.

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