Share Your Input on Century Blvd. Renovation/Beautification

October 26, 2018

Century Blvd. Renovation/Beautification -The Councilperson Needs Your Input

Century Blvd

Many have expressed concern about the state of Century Blvd. Especially when compared to the changes on the Inglewood side. Well, Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson heard you. He would like to begin applying for grants to beautify Century Blvd. but he needs a plan which will lead to a specific funding ask. Please take a minute to post your ideas and suggestions on how to make Century viable, walk-able, beautiful and something that will make you proud.

For example:
*Take out the trees whose roots destroy the sidewalk and plant California friendly trees (with the roots planted to grow down instead of out) that will create a beautiful canopy...then repair the sidewalks.
*Get rid of the patchwork fencing and replace it with something more consistent and beautiful
*Communicate with the residential and business owner sand support them in sprucing up their properties.
*Partner with the Second Supervisorial District in an effort to ensure any changes are consistent. Some pockets of Century Blvd. are unincorporated parts of the county such as the south side of Century from Van Ness Ave. to Gramercy Pl.

Merely asking the Councilperson to clean-up Century Blvd is not enough. We must be specific, help create the plan and support him in finding the funding to make it happen. Share your comments on our Facebook Page or email