Join the LA Repair team

Attention community leaders and change makers! We’re excited to announce that the Advisory Committee (AC) and Community Engagement Partner (CEP) applications are now open for the South Los Angeles REPAIR Zone.

L.A. REPAIR is a participatory budgeting program by @lacivilrights with a mission of addressing a legacy of institutional racism by empowering the community with direct decision-making power over city money. The City has allocated $8.5 Million to 9 historically disadvantaged neighborhoods (REPAIR Zones) where residents and stakeholders will offer and vote on ideas to address some of the issues within their REPAIR zone. Community-based organizations will have a chance to deliver on the ideas selected by the community using city funds – deepening our local democracy in the process!

We’re seeking passionate individuals to serve on the L.A REPAIR Advisory Committee and local orgs to serve as Community Engagement Partners in your neighborhood. As an Advisory Committee member or Community Engagement Partner, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with L.A. REPAIR staff and community members to implement the L.A. REPAIR participatory budgeting process in your community.

Don’t miss this chance to be a part of an exciting and impactful initiative! Apply now! Learn more at

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