Are you interested in Evermont Supportive Housing? They held an in person meeting on March 23 and another info session online on March 28, 6pm. From this meeting we can share:

Supportive Housing (PSH) Housing for people who are currently homeless, are chronically homeless and/or have chronic medical or behavioral health conditions.

Individuals and families who qualify for permanent supportive housing are eligible for rent subsidies and intensive care management services to help them maintain their housing.

To see if someone is qualified, contact the following:

HOPICS – Access Center for Single Adults
Access Center Broadway
5715 S. Broadway
LA CA 90037

Hours: 8am – 4:30pm

It was said that it will be a lottery system, there is no waiting list yet but there is a list for individuals who are interested.

Interested parties said the process for permanent units can be started now.

Anticipated opening is set for October, 2024.

Their website is:

Sign up now to learn more.

Affordable housing webinar

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