Thank you to Mrs. Dorothy Napoleon and Mrs. Noris Byrd and all those who pushed forward to have the new marquee installed at St. Andrews!

St. Andrews Marquee

May 2018: Here’s an example of what happens when you step up and make changes! For six long years our neighborhood park didn’t have a working marquee. Thousands of cars pass Manchester & Western intersection daily. That intersection is one of the busiest intersections in this city. Now residents can see local events posted on the newly working marquee. Our residents are entitled to ALL of the same amenities that residents in other areas of Los Angeles are afforded to. Thank you to residents and block club members that urged the neighborhood to rally behind to support this effort. We look forward to advertising Jazz at St Andrews 2018 on the marquee! Special thanks to Mrs. Dorothy Napoleon and Mrs. Noris Byrd for their tenacity and holding us accountable to push this forward #thisisonlythebegining #beapartoftheconversation 

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