September 13, 2014

Manchester Square Neighborhood Pride Day 2014

The Manchester Square Neighborhood Pride Day was in full effect! Board members Margaret Peters, Rashad Rucker, Priscilla Smith, Assembly Person Reggie Jones-Sawyer and many other organizations and stakeholders are got their renovation on! Thanks to NHSLA President Lori Gay and Neighborhood Representative Nyasha Buchongo for bringing the love to our…
Hot Dogs Grilling
August 15, 2014

Take Our Street Vendor Survey

Over the last 20 years, our City and County has experienced an exponential increase in Illegal Street Vending. There are literally thousands of vendors that set up shop daily on the City right-of- way and sidewalks offering various Food and Non-Food items. (more…)
November 14, 2013

Free Street Trees

The City of Los Angeles currently has a federally grant funded program in which free street trees are being planted along the parkway. The only requirements are that participants must agree to water their tree(s) and they must live within the City. (more…)
October 21, 2013

Mayor Opens South LA Help Desk

View the video of the Mayor's remarks at the Grand Opening of the Mayor's South LA Help Desk. On October 11, 2013 Mayor Garcetti was on hand for the grand opening of the South LA Help Desk: Theodore “Ted” Lumpkin is a lifelong resident of South Los Angeles and is…
May 16, 2013

Great Organizations in South LA

Being a part of this neighborhood council board has completely broadened my thoughts and feelings about our community and shattered my preconceptions. Prior to getting involved, my vision of this part of the “Great 8” was narrow. I seemed to only see the things that needed to be improved. And…
April 12, 2013

Tackling Land Use

One of the most important issues within the Southwest Neighborhood Council is land use. The numerous vacant lots, under developed business corridors and incompatible zoning seem to be a major contributor to our community’s stagnant growth. One of the most important issues within the Southwest Neighborhood Council is land use. …
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