Community wins with revised project at Western Apartments. As a result of board members speaking at City Hall, the Western Apartments project will have a stepped back exterior and reduced floor space.

The board has taken action on the proposed development of Western Apartments located at 10311 South Western Avenue. It was to be a project of 63 one bedroom apartments. The builders sought a variance to allow a maximum height of 45 feet and a variance to permit a total floor area of two and one tenth times the buildable area of the lot (2.1:1 Floor Area Ratio) in lieu of the maximum one and one-half times the buildable area of the lot in the C2-1VL Zone.

Members of our board took action and spoke at City Hall against the negative height impacts this project would have on the surrounding community. As a result: the project was approved with changed specifications: approve a Transitional Height and a 1.9:1 Floor Area Ratio for property at 10311-10333 South Western Avenue, subject to Conditions of Approval, as modified by the PLUM Committee and attached to the Council file.

LA City Council File on the Project

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